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Stop chasing prospects and customers! Get them to come to you instead. How? Through the power of referral-based marketing. The Red.Hot.Referrals course teaches you how to create a referral-based business, no more expensive marketing and advertising! The Red.Hot.Referrals course will show you:

  • How to build a referral-based business and stop chasing customers – no more wasted hours creating content that no one sees.
  • The exact tactics I’ve used to build successful referral businesses including the counterintuitive tips and strategies that no one else is sharing.
  • Exactly what I’ve done so you can do it too!  We’ll discuss the exact conversations I have with my customers to get them to refer new customers to me.
  • How to apply these tips and strategies to your business so you can immediately stop the marketing/advertising/selling roller-coaster.

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